Angola in the African Peace and Security Architecture
Luís Bernardino
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“A book about the Angolan armed forces is a book about the history of Angola...our history, the history of a constant struggle for the development and security of a people. As the book clearly shows, it was a struggle in which the armed forces held fast as the bastion of national identity and the central pillar of the Angolan people and state. This book is the product of a unique doctoral thesis in International Relations in Portugal. This is a historical and analytical examination of the role of the Angolan Armed Forces as instruments of Angola's foreign policy. At a time when my country is a member of the United Nations Security Council, this book is also a unique opportunity to get to know Angola and her armed forces and for us to find more about ourselves as Angolans. My sincere congratulations to the author. “ - 2015, Mário Pinto de Andrade

Prefácio: Adriano Moreira, Ives Gandra da Silva Martins
Textos de Opinião: José Luiz Pinto Ramalho e Mário Pinto de Andrade

2017,  Luís Bernardino.

1ª Edição - Maio de 2017
Características da Capa: Mole com badanas
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